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Лаборатория Игр
Работаем по всей России
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About Play Lab - toy importer and distributor in Russia

Established in 2006 by two friends, "Play Lab" is a toys & games distributor based in Moscow, Russia focusing on puzzles and developmental toys category, as well as classical all-time toys. We exclusively import and distribute Rubik's, Slinky spring toys, Recent Toys and Meffert's puzzles, Etch-A-Sketch, nanoblock by KAWADA (Japan) and Navir (Italy). We are proud to supply our nationwide and regional retail clients with 100% original best-sellers of all times - Rubik's Cube, Rubik's Twist, Slinky Springs, Etch-A-Sketch, Pyraminx, yo-yos and other toy hits. Many of these iconic, retro-style and vintage toys are actually sold to grown-ups via speciality stores.

Rubik'sSlinkyRecent ToysNanoblock by KAWADA CO. LTD.Meffert's NAVIR - Made in Italy

Sales channel

Our partner network covers all regions of Russia and surrounding reguions that participate in Eurasian Customs Union (EACU). We have partners in Belarus and also supply to Kazakhstan. Play Lab has direct contracts with the best speciality stores and the biggest nationwide retail chains that are mostly headquotered in Moscow, including: toy shops, entertainment stores, book stores, hobby&games, electronic/gadget stores, museum shops and other, supermarkets. Regional partners and representatives in key business regions take care of distribution on the local level, thus ensuring the best presence in regional retail and an individual approach to each client.

Vision and Mission

We believe in magical power of toys and hobbies - not only for kids, but also for grown-ups. Toys are always fun and we're lucky to do business on some of classic best-of-breed toys, as well as offering marvelous new items from few carefully selected suppliers to hundreds beloved retailers who do "the last mile" contact with the consumers. Being a mid-size private company, we are profit-oriented organization and value long-term partnerships that are supported by strong and stable financial relationships. It's our mission to share this fun+business vision with our partners and customers, take care of children and their parents, by offering playful products that stimulate learning and socializing, stretch the imagination, create passions and establish life balance to people of all generations.

Premium and Advertising

In addition to toy distribution business, Play Lab offers unique line of smart & fun corporate souvenirs such as custom designed Rubik's puzzles, Tangle toys, Magic Concepts items and other products in Promotion and Premium category. Thousands of business customers in Russia and Customs Union region can order these items directly from Play Lab or via our partner network consisting of regional representatives, etc.

Being led by business sense, we're open to new ventures and opportunities. Should it be expending our current product portfolio via new partnerships or opening completely separate business direction - we would be happy to consider new projects.

Please contact us by e-mail: info@playlab.ru.
Play Lab is a member of Russian National Toy Association RNTA.